Life is complicated

by Kathy

Hey Guys!

I'm Kathy and I'm 14 years old. I'm glad, that you are on my website and I hope you like it! :) I just have the website because I'm bored, and I wanted an own blog where I can write down my whole life-story and my feelings. And nowone knows who I am. :P Below you can see my blog.. Have fun :) ♥




I love chatting with Oscar.. Either he's just a nice dude and I like him as a good friend, or..or I love him again...

But I CAN'T love him again... He changed.. but he changed positiv.. He looks better, his charakter is nicer, and he changed all the things I hated and because witch I left him..

He is soo funny and sweet and nice and, and, and...


And the other 3 boys... Sam and Toby rarely write me.. and I really know: I don't love Max...


But I'm not sure if I love Oscar again...

Help meee :/


Kathy ♥

Past History

Last year, I did a lot of experience with boys and with love... In autumn, last year, came the moment for which I waited for two years. Sam, The guy I loved kissed me. But it wasn't a thing for him. Everyone said we would be a very nice pair, and we both knew that we loved us. But it doesn't worked. Then, at new year, we kissed again.. I said: "We can't do something like this. I want a real realationship or really just friendship with you." He decided for a friendship. I was confused and my best friend Oscar talked with me about everything. I fell in love with him and we were together. 6,5 months... But then I met Toby and he confused me more and more. He is 17 and his home is 220 miles faraway from mine. Nethereless, he made me not to love Oscar anymore. So I broke up with him. But I don't loved Toby... You see, it's very complicated with me and love. Now there are 3 guys which are just friends. There is another boy, Max... Max loves me, but I think I don't love him.. He haven't any experience with girls and realationships... We don't fit together..

Sam: a male bitch

Oscar: my ex-boyfriend, best friend of my best female friend

Toby: my best friend, older, too far away

Max: loves me

That's my situation... My head says, I don't love one of them. My stomach says I love all. But my heart.. my heart says nothing... 


I'll write something if sth change..

Love Kathy


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